Rising Phoenix International is dedicated to offering our students the very best in customer service. The cornerstone of everything we do revolves around helping our students achieve their goals and dreams during their studies in Canada.

Student Advising | Montreal | Rising Phoenix International
Plan a future in Canada | Montreal | Rising Phoenix International
Student Advising


Our expert team of student advisers will help you pick the right program, school or college. One that aligns with your career and future goals.

We will guide you through the admissions process and make give you all the tools you require to achieve success in your chosen field of study.

Planning your future


Our team will help you navigate the complex and overwhelming amount of paperwork that comes with being an international student. 

We are committed to helping you ensure that your files are presented properly and accurately to ensure the highest chances of success.

Student Support | Montreal | Rising Phoenix International
Student Support Services

Rising Phoenix International provides a vast array of student life services. From airport pick-ups, residency placement, help transferring your drivers license or setting up a bank account our team is always available to help you while you study in Canada.

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