About us

Rising Phoenix International is dedicated to improving the quality of educational experiences for students and institutions alike. We believe that we are all part of an ever-growing global community. It is our passion to create opportunities for students to realize their dreams of studying abroad.


Our team works diligently with Educational Institutions to bring innovation to their branding and expand their market presence across the world. Customer service is the foundation of everything we do and our promise is that students, educators, and institutions can realize greater success together by joining in the global education initiative of bringing internationalism to

the classroom.

Expert Advice

At Rising Phoenix International, we work with students and institutions with a comprehensive approach. We believe in servicing the totality of the educational experience for an international student; helping students achieve their future educational and career goals. 

Coming to another country to study is a daunting task. Whether it be for advice related to your strategic plan, acclimating to a new country or community, choosing a place to live, navigating your new city, planning the next step, or whatever your needs are as a new student, Rising Phoenix will be with you every step of the way.

Consulting for Schools and Organizations
International Consulting
A Comprehensive Approach

For institutions we offer a complete strategic marketing and management plan for them to begin hosting international students. Building a brand internationally, expanding into new markets, managing the challenges of integration and acclimation for arriving students. RPINTL will help your institution focus on what it does best, deliver a premium educational experience to the bright young minds

of tomorrow.